Messrs Geofocus Co Ltd is a firm of surveyors, planners, finance and project consultants. The firm is largely concerned with the total environment as it affects its preservation, sustenance replenishment and enhancement of urban economy. The development of human habitat for safe and prosperous living is the practice focus of the organisation.

Gradual operation of the firm commenced in 1988 on the sound background training of its directors, some of who had practical exposure in many European cities.

What we do

We have the privilege of helping people set their project up for success…right from the start. Whether you are starting a residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal project, we are prepared to help you with land surveying, zoning and rezoning, civil engineering, and planning to help your project stay on budget, meet your timelines, and find the path of least resistance.
We also deliver on Infrastructure Mapping, Street Guide Mapping, Engineering Survey,Topographical and As-built Survey, Resource and Geological Mapping, Ecological Study and Land-use Mapping, grouping, mapping and excision survey.